03 February 2010

"Synergy. I dont remember what happened but whatever did happen was a fucken ride!" Wally

This is one of those posts that you see months later and be like "Whoah that shit was cool. Why didnt I go". Just to get you up to date I was invited to the Synergy Live Festival a coupla coupla ago to go and do the thing that I do. Now I'll be honest, this is the second festival I have EVER been at. EVER! And to be honest I have no idea why in the fuck I havent been to festivals before. That shit is bangin! If I could do that kinda shit every second weekend I'd be a happy guy. So much happened and to be honest my camera died out half way through the thing so I didnt even get to capture all the madness. But in truth even if my cam wasnt dead, i doubt I would have been able to even do that. All I'm gonna say is...it was good.

It was so fucken hot on the way I was tryin to capture the beads of sweat on my face. Alas, all I got was my big ass five-head with a lotta sunshine on it. No worries, you dont have to tell me, I know I got a big forehead. Im not ashamed. Although it is a damn shame how big it is...

In any case we got to the spot and after setting up our tent and getting our shit together we went out to see what was the whole deal with this festival. Next thing you know I bump into all the rappers. Yes its true all the fellas you see in this picture are rappers. ALL. Makes you think innit? Between all of them, all the shit they have to say, you could write a book. So what if the book is about bitches, beers and blunts. Its still a book innit? Haha!!

Also in the mix was Spooky. Pity cause she had to bounce early cause she had a gig back in the city on the same night so she couldnt stay over the weekend.And then I met these girls. To be honest I'm not one to know about who's who out in the mix out in these streets but these girls were apparently people in the bizz. Ahem....so...who gives a fuck right? *hand not raised*Then theres this guy. Hella talent. Thats all I'm going to say. Hella talant!
Andiwon in the mixAnd this dood.
I AM WAVES! "Okay, everybody go crazy" Haha!
So the evening rolled on and this crazy chica came out the wood works. A big bowl of fun she isSo as I was getting drunk, I remembered that I was kinda there for work, kinda, so I figured lemme go to the main stage and she exactly what was going on on the main stage. It was kinda cool. But I have to say, backstage was a load of crap. In all my experiences of backstage, they've always been shitty. WTF? Why cant I ever bump into a jiggy ass back stage with naked girls and fire-breathers. Just sayin...Anyway, so i went and did my photo thing....
And these guys were bout to get on. Not sure if this is the Dirty Skirts or The Parlotones or whatever. Honestly this is not my typsa music, but I figured somebody out there will appreciate theseAlways wanted to get a shot like this. Only thing missing is the crowd in the pic
So after all the Rock n Roll and Metal was done I went back to assignment and went into Rap City. See all my people(who just so happen to be rappers and DJ's...go figure) were performing on the Friday night in one tent. And in that same breath, they were all tenting right next to us. So HMac rightfully named our entire pack the Rap City
And this was the area. Just to get it out the way all that performed were Ill Skillz, Fifth Floor, Jaak, Rattex, ETC Crew. You might know em, you might not. If you dont then do yourself a favour and get to know them
HMac with the shequida's. All bullshit aside, they were pretty cool chicks considering.
PBody and JayMoney. I think this was the time of the night when we all decided to escape reality. And the next coupla pics tell why

My favourite pic of Griste
Haha! Ray Ray lookin, like a ponce!
And then this random cutie. I dont know who took this pic, but I'm glad they did
Haha! Can you tell I'm to' up! What a lovely evening
I had this whole speech lined up bout this picture to tell you how gay Ray looked in this pic but I completely forgot bout it. Anyway, count yourself luck guy. I was bout to tear you a new one
Flexx, doing Flexx kinda things. Anybody who has seen him perform knows this isnt anything new. I once saw him do an entire flip on stage while performing a verse. For real. So......yah....
And then there was this guy.

So I left the tent to go see what was happening out there in the 'streets'. And I saw these two chicks totallty tripping on some shit laughin their asses off on the grass. At least I thought it was two chicks, until upon closer inspection t was a dude and a girl. WTF. This whole androgynous thing goin too far. Just saying
Gummy Beary Juice!

And then the next morning came along. I will be honest, even though its months later while I write this post I still dont remember what happened that night. Alas...
...I woke up and stumbled out of my tent to Rap City to find KJF and her happy face. Mind you I think I was still a little fucked up from the previous eve.
And then...FUCKEN. GUM ON. MY. SHOE. fuck
And then I met this dime piece. One the first girls Ive met in a while who not only banging and really cool. These qualities are a rarity in this day and time. Ladies, take note
Check the stripes son!
HMac enjoy the glory of the sun, "Wake up out the bed, turn my swag on!!!!!!!!!!!" Haha!
This is errbody at like 11 inna morn. I wont lie, it was hot. We were sweating like a peado in a playground. But its so nice to wake up to have really cool people all round you. I really see why people do festivals. I WANT MORE!
And we hung out, talked shit...
...sprayed sun tan lotion all over our faces...
...posed in pictures...
...and took pretty pictures of our legs.
When things got a little hot, we decided to go to the river and cool off. It was so incredible! The entire river was filled with people drinking and laughing. Only thing bothering me was people pissing and getting that piss hitting you downstream. Although after a while, when you zooted those kinda things dont matter any more.
Kio, knocking back a cold one
Black face :)
Me and Lala being stoopid
And her eating a lolly

All in all it was a right good time. I wish my camera was still good but it died just after this. The festival was hella dope.

Im signing off. Till the next


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